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Friends list 'tidying' for 2012

I dislike using the word 'cull' in relation to my friends list; I've no intention of going round bopping people on the head and then taking them home to make into coats. 'Tidying' is a much nicer term.

I've removed from my friends list anyone who hasn't posted since 2010/the beginning of time/ever and who additionally didn't answer a poll I posted in order to find out who was still reading. In this removal I included even a journal of my own that I hadn't updated for years. If I've taken off, in error, any of you who were still reading my LJ then please answer the poll below.

To avoid confusion, please only answer if I have actually removed you from my friends list!

(You can tick the answer that says 'I like ticking boxes' instead because that's one of the things it's there for)

Anything you'd like to tell me?

Oi, woman! I was reading your journal - put me back on!
I wasn't on your friends list in the first place but we're friends in real life and I'd like you to add me
I like ticking boxes

This post will possibly also be of use to any persons who have me on their friends list at the moment but who don't wish me to be on it and just haven't noticed my name still there. Hello! *waves*

ETA: Following someone ticking to ask to be put back on when they hadn't been taken off, I have made the point about please only tick the option to go back on if I have removed you from my friends list a bit more emphatic. Apologies for the extra length of this post now :)

My LJ is friends-only apart from this public post, which is to tell you more about who I am and to invite you to fill in the poll below if you wish me to add you to my friends list. Generally, I only add people I've met and get on with or who are friends even if in some loose sense of the word, but will sometimes add people with whom I share interests.

Who is this trishpiglet person?Collapse )

Meme answered to bring things up to date - 18/03/2012Collapse )

Poll - People already on friends list do not need to fill in, but welcome to do so if boredCollapse )
Also some... Sanctimonious faffCollapse )

P.S. Attention would-be anonymous posters! I've had to disable anonymous posting because I was getting spammed.

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